Increasing Demand for Watermelon

In Orlando, Florida, United States (US), exists the National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB) which has a website that says it has one role:  “to increase consumer demand for watermelon through promotion, research, and educational programs.”

Since 1989 when it was founded, this nonprofit group, comprised of shippers and growers, has developed marketing programs to support even better watermelon sales in supermarkets throughout the US and Canada.  NWPB also works to bring forth sales venues for watermelon in the United Kingdom (UK) as well as Japan.

The website quotes Executive Director Mark Arney, who stated, “Retail produce buyers are the gatekeepers who make key decisions regarding how watermelon is sold, displayed and advertised to consumers. We provide these buyers with key information and promotional programs to help the industry move more watermelon.”

Their marketing promotions show a significant presence on radio, television, and in magazines and newspapers.  This is not a “hard sell,” in its way, as watermelon is such a healthy, refreshing, versatile fruit. Thanks in part to its board of directors’ efforts, watermelon is not only for picnics anymore.  It is on consumers’ shopping lists enjoyed year-round and is included in a  wide range of desserts, drinks and other recipes.

In Australia one emerging company is H2melon which offers Watermelon Juice in portable sizes available to buy online and in major supermarkets.

Growers support the NWPB through assessments paid by growers, shippers and importers of watermelon in the United States.

The website features a lot of information about watermelons–how to pick and grow them and so on and has a lot of information about watermelon for healthy kids and coloring pages, word searches and so on.