Technology: Twitter ‘Purges’ Millions of Accounts

Twitter is set to remove tens of millions of suspicious accounts, amounting to up to six per cent of all accounts.

The company said removing locked accounts, which have been restricted from posting after a large number of unsolicited replies or mentions, is part of the effort to discourage “the purchase of followers and fake accounts to artificially inflate follower counts” and “improve the health of conversations” on the platform.

“Over the years, we’ve locked accounts when we detected sudden changes in account behaviour,” said Twitter spokeswoman Vijaya Gadde.

“In these situations, we reach out to the owners of the accounts and unless they validate the account and reset their passwords, we keep them locked with no ability to log in. This week, we’ll be removing these locked accounts from follower counts across profiles globally. As a result, the number of followers displayed on many profiles may go down.”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey posted that he lost 200,000 followers in the ‘purge’.

However, according to Gadde, most users will only see a drop of four followers or fewer.