National: Jetstar to Charge Adults Traveling with Babies on Domestic Flights

Jetstar has introduced a new fee for adults with babies on domestic flights, and increased the infant charge for international travels.

Adults carrying children under two years old must now pay an extra $30 on domestic flights, and $50 on Trans-Tasman and international flights.

Jetstar’s infant fee matches Tigerair’s $30 fee for having babies sitting on a guardian’s lap. Qantas and Virgin Australia do not charge a fee for babies on domestic flights yet.

A Jetstar spokesman said the fee covers up to four oversized infant items such as strollers, highchairs, prams or portable cots.

“Like other oversized items, there is additional manual handling and equipment required for oversized infant items like prams,” he said.

“We know that fees and charges can be unpopular, but giving customers choice and charging each customer for what they actually need helps us to offer the lowest possible fares, every day.”